UV sterilizing lamp.

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Germicidal highly effective ultraviolet lamp

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High power ultraviolet light lamp that eliminates pathogenic microorganisms that can come in the water, essential in installations in public places or when the water is not adequately treated as it is not from the drinking water supply network.
- Great germicidal effectiveness.
- Does not add water, chemicals, odors, or flavors.
- Its installation is simple, low cost and minimal maintenance.
Depending on the number of nozzles or the fogging equipment, you must choose one lamp model or another, always bearing in mind that the capacity of the lamp must always be greater than the flow rate of the mounted equipment.

IMPORTANT: If you are going to use it in a nebulization system, you must connect the lamp so that it is working whenever the equipment is active. That is to say, it must be connected and working even during the inactive intervals of the nebulization. For this, the electrical panels of our equipment have terminals where the lamp cables are connected

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Additional information

Weight 0,5 kg

1 unit, 6 units

Lamp Power

6W. 2 l/min, 14W. 6 l/min, 24W. 16 l/min, 39W. 46 l/min

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