Pack Particle Filtration 9 “

Impuestos incluidos

9 inch water filtration set, for greater filtering capacity. Includes necessary fittings to fit 3/8 “D&F tubing.

This 9 "filter system is ideal for professional installations.
It eliminates all the particles in suspension that come through the water supply network and avoids the obstruction of the nozzles. The supplied filter cartridge has a diameter of 5 microns, it is recommended to replace it when the manometers show a very marked pressure difference or once a year for hygiene.
It includes the following elements:
- 9 "filter glass.
- Wound thread filter cartridge.
- Glass holder.
- Connections and manometers at the entrance and exit of the glass.

USE the  Esquema de Montaje. Don't forget to apply Teflon on the threads.

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Weight 1 kg
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