Loose Pumps at 24V DC (Without Transformer)

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Replacement of pumps to increase pressure in the domestic range.

Small pump with high performance. 24V operation in current continues very useful in caravans, trucks and places that have to be powered by batteries.
This type of pump works continuously once it is connected to the electrical current, therefore it is not the best option to have an adequate mist with start-stop cycles.
There are three models for different flow rates / number of nozzles to install:
- G100: Valid between 5 and 13 0.3mm nozzles - Pressures between 6 and 8 bar.
- G101: Valid between 7 and 26 0.3mm nozzles - Pressures between 6 and 10 bar.
- G102: Valid between 9 and 62 0.3mm nozzles - Pressures between 7 and 13 bar.
With this type of pump it is not possible to mount anti-drip valves on the nozzles, nor high pressure nozzles, therefore the nozzles will drip slightly when the fogging stops.
INCLUDES connection accessories for 4 x 6 mm tube.

Use the Comparison of Low Pressure Pumps

Additional information

Recommended number of nozzles

5 a 13, 7 a 26, 9 a 62

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