Kit Superfog 20 High Pressure Nozzles

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Revolutionary complete high pressure kit with INOX tubing

It is a complete high pressure nebulization kit (up to 70 bar) with a revolutionary equipment controlled by mobile application that can operate with a minimum of 4 nozzles up to a maximum of 20 nozzles and without the need for drainage; It is also supplied with stainless steel tubing and everything necessary to mount the system. It can cover surfaces from 5 to 60 square meters with the same equipment and sectorize the installation using stopcocks.

The composition of the kit is as follows:
- Superfog unit with high pressure pump up to 70 bar of 1.5 l / min. Measurements: 37x21x23 cm.
- Pipes and anti-particle filter, washable and reusable for the suction section.
- 5 meters of polyamide plastic pipe for the first drive section.
- 20 0.15mm nozzles with anti-drip device and mesh filter.
- 19 stainless steel bars of 75 cm.
- 7 stainless steel bars of 25 cm.
- 19 tees quick link nozzle.
- 4 quick link elbows.
- 1 quick connect nozzle end cap.
- 2 quick connections from the pipeline to the euipo.
- 20 high fixing clamps for the pipe.
- 1 tube cutter scissors.

You can see the assembly of the kit in the following video:

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