Groups Electric-pump Naked Three Phase 220-380V

Impuestos incluidos

3CV-4CV-4CV-5.5CV 3CV-4CV-4CV Ceramic Motor and Pump Set

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

It does not include neither the electrical nor the hydraulic equipment necessary for its operation as fogging equipment. You will find different Electrical Boards in the Related tab.

On budget, we can manufacture the electrical panel you need for any application.

Download the files for installation:
How to connect the motor to the network
Electric motor warranty
Legionella prevention manual
High pressure equipment comparison

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Especificaciones Grupo Electrobomba Trifásico

0.75 CV. III – Flow 1 l / min, 0.75 CV. III – Flow 2 l / min, 1 CV. III – Flow 4 l / min, 1.5 CV. III – Flow 6 l / min, 2 CV. III – Flow 8 l / min, 3 CV. III – Flow 14.4 l / min, 4 CV. III – Flow 20 l / min, 5.5 CV. III – Flow 24 l / min

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