Double Filter Pack 5 “

Impuestos incluidos

If you have limescale problems in your supply network, WE SUGGEST this Pack. Every fogging system needs a water filter to ensure that the nozzles are not clogged.

We will remove the CAL and the PARTICLES in suspension of up to 5 microns.
With this pack we ensure that the water that reaches the nozzles does not contain suspended particles or limescale that can obstruct them.
It includes:
- Two 5 "filter glasses with their supports.
- 5 "anti-particle thread filter cartridge.
- 5 "anti-limescale polyphosphate filter cartridge.
- Links and connections.
- 2 manometers with which to check the clogging of the anti-particle filter.

USE the Esquema de Montaje. Don't forget to apply Teflon on the threads.

Download the installation documents:

Sistema de Filtrado Gama Alta
Esquema soporte vaso filtrado
Esquema dos filtros

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Weight 0,9 kg
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