Anti-Drip Nozzle Valve

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Sandwich this article between the tee and the nozzle to prevent the latter from dripping. Standard thread 10/24. Valid for all low pressure nozzles on the market.
Attention: Minimum working pressure 2.5 BAR – Maximum working pressure 6 BAR.

It is the definitive solution to the annoying dripping of low pressure nebulization systems. Install a valve on each of the nozzles that you want to prevent dripping and will prevent dripping every time the cycle stops. It is not necessary to install it in all the nozzles, only in those that show an uncomfortable drip.
The valve retains the water when the pressure of the installation forces the accumulated water in the pipe to leave.
Although it is not essential, the operation is better if there is a nozzle without a valve since that will be the one that is carried to the last drop. In this case, this nozzle can be unloaded to a place that does not disturb, such as a flower bed, a flowerpot or a sink.

Download the Esquema de Válvula ANTI-GOTEO

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