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Analog Faucet Programmer

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Analog programmer for tap with regulation in seconds of start and stop times. Specific for misting.

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Unique programmer for a nebulization system, which as its main need is that its actions be in seconds. Easy to program and with low battery consumption, its operation is activated under the impulse solenoid system to reduce consumption and make the largest number of openings and closings.

• Simple programming.
• 133 misting combinations, adjusted to the typical needs of any misting system.
• Low battery indicator.
• Watertight battery compartment.
• Works with 1 9 volt battery.
• Internal membrane mechanism.
• Minimum operating pressure: 1 Bar.
• Removable programmer front.
• Transparent protective cover.
• Metal filter and 2 threads for 1/2 ”and 3/4” tap.
• Incorporates connection to 3/8 ”pipe.


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