Misting Applications

Fogging Equipment Applications
Patios - Chalets - Outdoors areas - Landscaping
Both in public areas and in private homes, our Drip & Fresh systems, in addition to lowering the ambient temperature, increase the relative humidity and provide a very pleasant sensation and comfort.

It is also common to see the contribution of fog for decoration both in green spaces and in charming corners, to highlight and create a mysterious and magical atmosphere.

Terraces and restaurants
The best known application of the nebulization systems is to lower the temperature in outdoor terraces and restaurants. It is an efficient and economical system of air conditioning these spaces to gain comfort of the users.

The procedure of cooling with nebulization, consists of dissolving the water in the air, extracting the latent heat (hidden) that is to say the energy that is released when changing from liquid phase to gaseous (heat of vaporization)

An installation in a terrace or restaurant, has to provide the sufficient volume of humidity to achieve with it the cooling of the area and at the same time they can not wet the client who is under taking a coffee.

The balance between the water supplied and the desired temperature drop is what will determine an installation as efficient.

Combat dust - Eliminate odors
For the elimination of dust and odors, the use of our Drip & Fresh system is very effective.

In the case of dust, it is a matter of deeply impregnating the dust particles with water, thereby increasing their weight and, consequently, their precipitation. This is achieved by throwing the jet of nozzles directly on the point of origin of the powder and if necessary creating curtains to preserve certain areas of dust.

In the case of odors, by means of nebulization we can precipitate the bacteria that originate them, with which we obtain a healthier and cleaner environment. Through a curtain of fog we can get a clean area of odors. However, in certain cases the contribution of neutralizing products can significantly increase the efficiency of the system.

Outdoor activities – sports
One way to make sports spaces profitable is to equip them with nebulization.

Few people use the courts in the central hours of the day, when the heat tightens. With nebulization it is possible to lower the temperature up to 11o C.

The more heat and less ambient humidity, the more effective the system.

Wine cellars
The wineries, in addition to a natural environmental ventilation, require a constant humidity and temperature. Not all wineries throughout the year have a good level of humidity. The relative humidity of the air in a cellar should be between 75% and 85%. With less than 75% there is a risk of drying the barrels and evaporation of the wine, while with more than 85% can develop fungi and moisture, in general.

The advantages in economic terms that a good level of humidity brings in a warehouse are the following:

  • Reduction of the loss of wine by natural evaporation. It is estimated that the losses can be greater than 6% of the volume stored in the barrels.
  • Consequently, the labor of refilling the vats is also reduced.
  • Higher wine quality avoiding the increase in alcohol content due to the evaporation of water.
  • It avoids the drying of the barrels and keeps them efficient.

Our nebulization solves all these problems of humidity and temperature of the cellar.

There are several utilities of our nebulization systems within the industry. It should be noted, lower the temperature in work areas for employee comfort and eliminate static electricity.

Any work with synthetic fibers brings great production of static electricity. This can cause many problems of electrostatic adhesions as well as fiber breaks and consequently failures in production. The installation of a “Drip & Fresh” equipment, offers a better handling of the product and a higher yield of the production.

The relative humidity needed for manufacturing works depends on the type of fiber to be handled but they range between 50 and 75%. However there are tables with these values.

With nebulization, in a closed environment, both temperature and relative humidity can be controlled.

Both in private greenhouses where a family grows their plants or in those destined for agricultural or forest exploitations, a good installation of nebulization achieves a greater productivity for a minimum cost of energy.

In summer, initially, the system will provide freshness while moisture is easily absorbed into the atmosphere but once the air begins to saturate, the moisture level will begin to rise. If air is not exchanged, humidity levels of up to 95% can be achieved.

Animal farms
It is known that all animals are better and more productive in a pleasant atmosphere.

The nebulization also eliminate dust and reduce odors from the farm, to animals reduces the stress produced by excess heat and increases productivity.

When installing our Drip & Fresh nebulization system, it is immediately verified that the death rate decreases considerably. It is also shown that a fresh atmosphere positively collaborates with sexual activity, increasing the production of sperm and providing benefits throughout the reproductive cycle.

In summary, the systems “Drip & Fresh”, reduce the tension by the heat in the animals, increasing the production and extending the period of reproduction.

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