Before buying the materials to make a high or low pressure installation, it must be clear with what type of pressure you want or can work, so below we make a summary of the characteristics of each of them.

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¿What is Drip & Fresh?
Drip & Fresh, or D&F, is a complete range of fogging solutions designed to remedy various problems by dissolving water in the air.
We call mist the act of transforming water from its liquid state into a thin vapor of water in suspension.
Refresh, remove odors, provide moisture, decorate, are some of the functions that our systems provide.
In a very summary we can say that it is an outdoor climate system that will allow us to enjoy more and better our patio or terrace during the hottest months of the year as we will reduce the outside temperature.
There are two major concepts in the field of mist: Low pressure and High pressure.

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¿How does it work? ¿Why does it refresh?
The misting or “evaporative cooling” consists of dissolving water in the environment to achieve a drop in temperature in the air.
This process occurs spontaneously in nature. When water evaporates, the change of state from liquid phase to gaseous requires a great amount of energy, 540 calories per gram of water. This energy is released by the air that is in the environment where evaporation occurs. When yielding energy the air cools and the water vapor becomes part of the mass of air, which raises its humidity (or water vapor).
For an evaporative process to be successful, it is important that the water and air transfer surface is as large as possible.
Although it seems strange, the beginning of its operation resembles a lot of “botijo” functioning. The key is evaporation. The water inside the botijo is cold precisely for the same reason.mismo motivo.
¿Is it suitable for installation indoors?
It is not thought for it. However, it can be used indoors keeping in mind that the nozzles will wet the floor.

How to install your fogging system step by step

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